We Have Your Home Design Financing Solution


  • In-House Financing Options

  • Community Finance Partners

  • Expert guidance in making the best choice for you and your home


Don’t let finances stand in the way of your dream home. We’re here to help with every aspect of your project from planning to completion.

Multiple Financing Options

Our expert team will walk you through the home design & furnishings financing process, with multiple financing options to choose from.


  • Can be used for furniture/decor, cabinets, and custom coatings
  • Uses a third party vendor
  • Unsecured personal loan
  • 0% Interest Financing Options
  • Soft credit pull only for initial inquiry
  • Up to 24 vendors that provide options for financing

Benefits of Financing Your Project

We will walk you through the home design & furnishings financing process with multiple financing options to choose from

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Turn a large, one-time payment into an affordable monthly payment with a set end-date.


Maintain control of your optimal financial position by choosing the best financing solution for you.


Get your project started quickly, without weeks of meetings with banks, home appraisals, or paperwork.


Have security in a changing economy by preserving your savings with a low monthly payment.

Home Design & Furnishings Financing brings a myriad of advantages, offering a pathway to creating the ideal living space without immediate financial strain. This option allows you to make the changes you envision in your home all at once, rather than piecing things together over a long period of time. By breaking down payments into manageable installments, financing ensures affordability, allowing you to elevate your home without compromising on financial stability.

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